The Day I won the Lottery

I wake up staring at the ceiling. I feel like I have been train wrecked. My outlook on the world today is bland and uninspiring. I hit writer’s block two days ago and I am still mourning my creative ability with hopes it will resurrect itself soon. I think God is punishing me for something but I have no idea why; I live such a wholesome life. I have hit the point where even my conscience is talking to me:

Self: “Corie, I don’t think this is working out. It’s not you, it’s me! I think we need space.”

I refuse to answer back. Not because of the stereotypical characteristics associated with answering ones self, but because I have nothing to say until Mr. Conscience apologizes!
I then sit up and sit on the side of my bed and it dons on me: I have been wearing the same spaghetti stained t-shirt for two days. The stain has graduated to being an annoyance. Therefore, being the spotless perfectionist that I am, I lift the shirt over my head, turn it inside out and put it back on. Stain – GONE!

I get up and go fumbling through the kitchen and make a pot of coffee. While I am waiting for my Starbucks brew, I look for some cereal. Corn Puffs – I pour a big bowl.

(Its not that it’s my favorite, but it’s all I have until I go shopping.)

I then shuffle to the fridge.
“No Milk. That’s just Great!!”
I need a substitute! I rummage through the cupboards – Nothing. What the hell can I use? I look in the pantry. No condensed milk or evaporated either. Then I see it – Kahlúa! I make Chocolate Ghetto Puffs. (Don’t judge me!)

I go back to the coffee pot again and become immediately disgusted with myself.
“Dammit, I forgot to put coffee in!”

I now have a pot of hot water.
“Can this day get ANY worse?”
I guess I could make tea? No. Instant coffee? No, that shit tastes like ass.

Ovaltine? Why Not!!

Hot Ovaltine and Chocolate Ghetto Puffs – It’s the breakfast of Champions!
As I turn on the TV eating my cocoa concoction my mind wanders and my imagination starts to toy with me as I see a woman ecstatic over winning the lottery.

Voices in my head (taunting): “Maybe you should play the lotto!”

Me (depressed): “no, I don’t think so. I never win.”

Voice: “You never play!”

Me (pondering): “True”

Voice (convincing): “You could WIN!”

Me (getting excited): “really?”

Voice in my head: “God WANTS you to win. Think about it…Do HAPPY people win? NO! This would make the perfect story. Writer blocked woman wins 50 million on Powerball – News at 6!”

Me: “WOW!”

Voice: “God’s been holding out on you.”

Me (agreeing): “He HAS!”

I decide God DOES owes me! Maybe Karma is finally singing my song! This must be a sign! A random thought like this NEVER pops into my head at this stature. I hurry and take a shower to go down to the Quik Mart to buy a ticket immediately.

On the way there, there is a man holding a sign in the median of the road that read “Jesus loves You!”

I honk my horn and yell out the window:

Me (ecstatic): “Thank You Brother!”

It’s yet another sign! I can feel the adrenaline rushing in my veins!! As I stop at a red light, I see a slow moving woman wearing a “Vegas” t-shirt, crossing the road with a midget. Right before I honk at them to get out of my way, I see the symbolism!

“Holy Shit! It’s a Leprechaun and Lady Luck!”

Today IS my day! I yell inside my car to the sky:


I am getting high on life! The air smells cleaner, the people seem “different”. It’s as if they recognize that soon I will be “The First National” on my block! I will buy a fast car with a fancy license plate with letters that spell cute phrases phonetically like:

“IrichUpo”, “WhoBlafNow”, or just “HAHAHAH!

I then turn on the radio.
“OH MY GOD!” They are playing “I Wanna Be Rich”, by Calloway!
“Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!”

As I pull into the Quik Mart humming my happy tune, I look at all of the mortals who will soon bow to my mere existence due to my over exuberant wealth! It feels good to reign!

Counter lady (bland): “Can I help you?”

Me (convinced): “I will take my winning Power Ball ticket Please!”

Counter Lady (condescending): “Oh, How Original, like I haven’t heard that one before!”

Me (irritated): “You just wait until you see my face on the news with the winning ticket!

Counter Lady: “Yeah, can’t wait – woohoo! NEXT?”

WHAT??? How DARE she look her second-rate nose down at me?? I will make sure the electric fence around my mansion is turned up Extra-High when she passes by!!
I then get in my car admiring my ticket. I could feel its power just by holding it in my hands! I safely tuck it into the glove compartment and head home.
When I arrive, I take my ticket inside and put it on my refrigerator with a magnet. I start to daydream more about all of the things I plan on doing with the money:

A new car, a mansion in the hills of Beverly, a beach home in Maui, a Yacht and of course, a small percentage to a Charity. (I can write that off at the end of the year!)
I then start making a list of all of the people who I love and should help. (It’s funny; the list seems “shorter” than I imagined it would be).

I then start doodling. I have memorized my winning ticket numbers and I write them real neatly across the top of the list. I then leave the paper by the kitchen phone and decide to get some rest. I have a long day tomorrow when I go down to the claiming office.

I wake. I reach over for the phone; it’s time to get my numbers confirmed. I listen to the numbers and I write them down on a piece of paper by the bedroom phone. My first instinct is to run and get the ticket, but NO! I force myself to relax and do this calmly. There is no reason for getting all crazy; it’s not the proper etiquette of the elite.

So, I go to the bathroom, make a pot of coffee (remembering to actually put it in this time) and THEN get the ticket. I close my eyes with it in my hands holding it to my chest.

Me (soft and sweetly): “Lord, you know I love you, right?”

I take a deep breath and compare it to the numbers on the paper by the kitchen phone.

I start doing the happy dance all over my house yelling on top of my lungs!


I am crying tears of happiness!!! I fall to my knees and thank the Lord again! I am ecstatic! THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! I knew the phrase “ask and you shall receive” was written especially for me!!! I can’t wait to see the clerks face NOW when she sees me on the news!!! I MUST CALL EVERYONE I KNOW!!!

I pick up the phone…WAIT! I should talk to my lawyer first! Yes, that’s it! Incorporate!
I can feel the current of the electric fence already! I can smell the new interior of the car!

I run in my room to get dressed. (I want to be at the claiming office when it opens!) I must look good because they take your picture also! As I look for the perfect “I won, you didn’t” outfit, I decide I HAVE TOO TELL SOMEONE!

I will call my mom. I sit on my bed and start dialing the phone. I am so excited, I miss-dial 4 times!!! I look at the clock. It’s 3am. The phone starts to ring. I am smiling HUGE!!!

Then, it happens. I see a piece of paper by the phone with numbers scribbled across the top. They bare no resemblance to any I have seen before. I then realize what I have done.

Mom (groggy): ‘hello”
I hang up. I go running into the kitchen and get my ticket and bring it to my room.
My tears of happiness turn to tears of pain. I sit on my bed half dressed, saddened and depressed. I think of the Biblical phrase written especially for me:

“God Giveth, God Taketh Away.”

I fall back on my bed looking at the ceiling. I feel like I have been train wrecked. My outlook on the world today is bland and uninspiring more than ever with the knowledge, that I won the lottery for 14 minutes and 54 seconds!

Corie L. Anziano
Copyright 2007


17 Responses to “The Day I won the Lottery”

  1. Loved your story, reminded me of me. I too write, get writers block, give up, buy lotto tickets, look for signs and feel hopeless much of the rest of the time. The funny thing is that while I search for signs I sometimes neglect to see the obvious ones. The signs that I have in the form of three little boys that sleep peacefully while I worry. I am glad to know that if I’m crazy I’m in very good company. I’ll pray that you do win the lottery, both in the form of spiritual abundance and money.

  2. Haha, Thanks, I need it! Glad you enjoyed it, Tiffany! – Corie

  3. I loved your story,,your a verry beutifull woman,,if you ever visit the Netherlands let me know,,bye

  4. I dont get it? so you hallucinated that you won or you were confused or you just wanted to win so badly you imagined the numbers matched? I dont understand the significance of your paper by the phone? what did you write the winning numbers there but your ticket was different? explain?

    • There was no hallucination – The numbers written down originally, were the numbers off of the ticket and left by the kitchen phone. The numbers written down by the bedroom phone – was the actual winning lottery ticket numbers.

  5. Also… say that you are too poor to afford milk or a good cereal brand. Maybe you should have spent that lotto money on some cereal and milk. That would be smart. Maybe the reason you cant afford these things is because you are a dreamer and dont write anything meaningful. The best writers are people that write about real life experiences with at least some interesting merits to their writing. Not the people who thrash around their apartments depressed and bored dreaming of something falling into their laps.

    • Maybe if you were smart enough to understand the story – you could appreciate what it was about? It had nothing to do with dreaming about anything falling into my lap and it also wasn’t about not being able to afford cereal.

  6. Love the story..I can relate to it. I felt the disappointment in the end myself.

  7. Love your story, really cool! and love your writing.

  8. jared neal Says:

    Nice story its kinda similar to whats going on with me right now


  10. Corie,
    I for one am proud to say that I loved your story. Sounds way too familiar to my life. I admit also that I am somewhat embarrassed that some people are way too critical and cruel of other peoples’ creativity, who always seem to let you know loudly and proudly of their disapproval by posting hateful or hurtful comments to make themselves feel important by telling you what you should or shouldn’t write about. Keep writing about whatever comes to your mind … it’s your writing after all …nobody has to give you approval …its up to me or anyone else if we choose to read it or not … and then obviously …whether or not to demand an explanation because we don’t understand… I guess

  11. Hi Corie,

    Read your story…I am glad that you are lucky….Im waiting for my day to come…and I think it is very soon…and Im sure I will be as estatic as you were….:)…Anyways, Good luck and I hope you have spent your money wisely…

    God Bless


  12. WoW! , I do believe you , you were to dam close ,like it was yours but you just wrote the wrong ones on the lottery ticket thinking that was the right ones, i feel for you …I also hope one day to win !!! I have no real friends ,or family members that are “real” for me, so if I d win one of these days,I think It just might work for me, because I make my own descisions ,I live alone , I eat alone ,I listen to music alone,everything alone, I pay my own bills,
    Not that you dont do that, I being studying a lil numbers, visualizing all that really helps , Winning and having faith !!!
    Remember you are still GODs child , for he bless you once ,he shall bless
    twice !!! so we gonna leave that in faith !!!

  13. my name is irene i have a daughter who is in a wheelchaire i am trying to raise my 3 grandchildren i just trust in god everyday to help me threw i am 60 years old i live with my daughter and grandchildren in apparment in mtsterling ky i am a poor person live on ssi no one to help me just wondering if u might help me i picked your name out of all the stores i read just a little money would help me get my grandchildren some clothing and vsome christmas in dec .my mailing address is 575 culpepper drive mtsterling my 40353 thank u may god bless u each and every day any thing would help me irene hale thank you


  15. crackhead heckler Says:

    Hahaha! Total bummer. In it to win it. Oh wait I already have. Cha ching! Too much stuff is overrated. If anything the free time to be around those you love and pursue the things in life that bring you joy are the best rewards that huge lottery money can give one access to. Funny story yo!

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